Who started football?

Some variation of football has been played all over the world for the past 2,000 years. Romans and Greeks played it and spread its popularity all across Europe during their reign as well. But the modern rules and the way it is played was master by England, though they did not originate the sport, they just made it more globally played.

Why do Americans call it soccer?

It is actually a British term that Americans adopted when referring to the sport. “Soccer” is an abbreviation of the term “association football” that was used in England up until the past century. Americans embraced it to separate the sport from American football. The English try not to use it at all these days, which makes it seem like it is an American term, when it really is not.

What is the oldest Italian football club?

Celtic v Dunfermline 2005 11

The oldest football club in Italy is Juventus, which is funny because Juventus means “youth” in Italian. The club has been around since the end of the 19th century and is widely considered to be the most successful football club that Italy has.

Who is the best player of all-time in the Italian league?

This is really subject to opinion since there are a number of reasons why some football players are better than others. Gianni Rivera, who was a master of the field in the 1960s and the 1970s, is widely considered as one of the best. He was known for his amazing passes and how he was able to completely decimate the opposing team’s defense, tearing to into tiny shreds. He also has a record for scoring. More recently, Gianluigi Buffon, who is a goalkeeper, helped Italy secure the win for the 2006 FIFA World Cup against Germany. He is still playing for the Juventus team since he is only in his 30s. He should still have a couple years left of play before he retires.

Where can I get results for Italian league games?

There are a number of sites that will allow you to get the results for Italian games, which is especially great since watching them online is one of the world ways to see the Italian football games. ESPN has a football club website that is usually up-to-date with all of the football clubs across Italy, no matter what season that is currently running.

Have the Italians won the FIFA World Cup?

Yes, Italy is tied for second as far as wins of the FIFA World Cup goes. Brazil has won the tournament five times and Italy has won it four times. It happens only once every four years, with the first tournament having been played in 1930. Of course it did not happen during the Second World War either, so Italy has done pretty well when you consider that.

What is the best football team in the world?

Every country thinks that they have the best football team in the world. As far as Italy is concerned, Juventus is the best team they have and Serie A is what dominates the world of Italian football.