I spent some time in France when I was much younger. Like so many college students, I had travelled abroad in order to spread my wings and get a taste of what the rest of the world was like. While I immersed myself in the food and the culture, one of the best things that I discovered was the sport of football. The French football team is pretty amazing, but I feel like they are not quite as intense about it as the Italian league is. The Italians treat football like it is a religion more than a sport. It is a way of life, not just some activity to watch.

I know that you are probably thinking that Americans are the same way about American football, but the truth of the matter is that it is not completely true. American football is its own way of life and thereitaly-78177_1920 have certainly been their share of riots and fights over outcomes, but you are not always going to get beaten to a pulp if you sit in the wrong section or wear the wrong colors to a game. If you do that in Italy, you are asking for trouble.

Since Europe has been at peace with itself since the Second World War, there has been a gap in things. Italy, previously Rome, has been warring across Europe for a millennia. Since it is at peace, there is something missing from the culture that the sport of football remedies. Other clubs and even countries are the enemies. You will attack them on the playing field and with your fists and words, just like they used to fight with their enemies across Europe. It is pretty impressive and makes a lot of sense. So while you may get yourself into a fight over football or be surprised at the abrupt reaction that people are giving you, you should consider that the alternative is way worse. At least Italy is not at war with anyone at the moment: only teams that are battling them on the field.

I do not get to spend enough time in Europe these days and I truly miss watching Italian football the way that I used to. I did have an opportunity to live in Milan, or Milano, and support the Milano team directly, but since I have moved back to the United States, I was missing out. It is for this reason that I am incredibly grateful for the internet. Not only can I get updates on what is happening with my favorite football clubs, but I can actually livestream games from thousands of miles away. I do not get the opportunity to cheer with my fellow fans of course so the ambience is different.

I really hope that you appreciate Italian football for all that it is. While Brazil gets a lot of press for their success in the sport, do not forget that Italy has been playing it longer than anyone else and have a love for it that is unlike any other country.